Demitasse Spoons V.S Teaspoons


I get asked a lot

What is the difference between a Demitasse spoon ring and a Regular spoon ring?

In a word - The size.  We all are familiar with these sizes of spoons, but we might not call them by there 'proper' name. 

Here is a cheat sheet -

A Teaspoon is what you use to eat your ice cream with 

Unless you are my wife's Grandfather, then you use a giant soup spoon. 

a 5 o'clock spoon is what you use to stir you coffee with

Slow down there buddy. 

and a Demitasse spoon is what you would use to feed your baby creamed peas. If you don't have your sterling baby spoon handy.

AWwwww!  He has that 'Ugly-Cute' thing going on.

So now when you are considering buying a spoon ring, you can have some idea of how wide and thick your ring will be by knowing what size of spoon was used.  

If you are still unsure what you want, I suggest you go with a Demitasse spoon ring.  They are the thinnest, most dainty of all the spoon ring family. They look good on everyones hand.

<-- This is a Demitasse size spoon ring




This is a Teaspoon size--->






I hope that clears it up!

 Questions? Contact me here - Dankartistry 

Or leave a comment below.

Orange blossom Sizes

These rings are all available in my shop!



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