Silverware with heel marks make poor quality spoon rings

    Spoon benders just like all other business people, have ethical choices to make. In order to make a quality spoon ring you really have to start with a quality spoon. I'm not going to pretend like I've never wrapped up some really worn ugly spoons in my day and I still occasionally do especially if I'm making a custom order for a sentimental reason. The picture below is of two spoons in the same pattern. Both handles look in reasonably good condition. the only notable difference in quality of both of these spoons is the heel mark on the spoon on top.

Heel marks on spoon bowls or the backs of forks are the number one red flag that silverware is less than ideal for spoon rings. Sure, it looks like the bowl is the only affected part, and if your buying from pictues online it's easy to believe that's the case. In actuality 95% of the time there is more wear than the obvious heel mark

   In this picture you can clearly see the extent of the plate loss on the spoon with the heelmark. I've put them both in Liver of sulphur which turns the silver black and the nickel silver inside a yellowish gold. The spoon on the left will make a great spoon ring that will last a long time. The spoon on the right will make a bi color spoon ring and the copper in the Nickel silver will have a high possiblity of turning the customers finger green. 


Silverplate lasts around 20 years with regular use. Some silverware companies made patterns with extra silver discs where the heaviest wear occourred. Sometimes you can even vaguely see the signature circle on the bottom of teaspoons in these patterns, They may have crafty branded names on the back like Sterling inlaid or XXXXplate. 


                                                                Here you can see the disc made to make the spoon withstand wear. Silverware with these discs are difficult to assertain the quality of.







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