What you never knew about Orange Blossom Spoon Rings

Orange Blossom ring

The orange blossom silverware pattern was patented on Nov, 29, 1910. Those of you who have the wrapped style orange blossom spoon ring will be able to see the patent date of the pattern near where the bowl of the spoon used to be. 

 The orange blossom pattern was commissioned by the Sunkist company in 1910 and was in production until at least the 1930's. After that it enjoyed a resurrection in 1995 on Sunkist's 100 year Anniversary. The anniversary edition is a rare find indeed and unfortunately doesn't appear to be of the same great quality found in the older silverware. 

Orange blossom has older sister patterns that are very similar in appearance. Arbutus on the left is form 1908, Chester on the right is the oldest, from 1900. 

Neither Arbutus or Chester received anywhere near as much fame as Orange Blossom and are rarer to find as spoon rings.

Orange blossom was lucky. Sunkist used it as a promotional tool and pieces were bought by mailing in the wrappers that the citrus fruit was wrapped in all for a fee of course, except for the fruit spoons, which were free. Because of the way Orange blossom was bought, sets of the pattern are quite rare as a person would have to be quite diligent to procure the whole set. This means Tablespoons, Teaspoons, soup spoons, butter knives, and serving pieces are rare, however  there are fruit spoons in attics, storage units, and junk drawers across the United states mostly in light to unused condition just waiting to be turned into spoon rings.   


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