Meet the Spoon Bender

Dan Kemp -Owner/craftsman behind Dank Artistry

 Dan Kemp

Dans Story

In 2006 I quit my corporate job because I could no longer stand spending 8 hours a day handing my brain and body over to work for someone else.  I clocked out at 4:00 AM after cashing in all of my vacation time and stopped by the river on the way home to throw my work boots in. 

After quitting my day job I lived on a meager diet of smiles and handshakes, working for friends, and selling little art projects in a tiny town.  One late night I bent a spoon handle around a socket into a rough semblance of what would become my very first spoon ring. Customers at the little art market loved it and someone I didn't know actually bought it.  I was so excited to have met someone new through my little spoon handle ring that I made more and more of them until I had worked up a whole table full. Business had begun.