Spoon Bracelet Orange Blossom Rare Tablespoon Wide

Spoon Bracelet Orange Blossom Rare Tablespoon Wide


Bracelet size

Of all of the beautiful silverware patterns, Orange Blossom is probably the best seller. And why not! With it's Art Nouveau Orange blossoms curvy border, and high attention to detail, This is really a show stopper. 
Orange blossom was made by Rogers in 1910. It was never sold as a set. There was a mail in offer for free fruit spoons, which is why there are so many of them around. The rest of the set came as special order only which is why anything but the fruit spoons is a hard find indeed. 
This bracelet was made from  serving spoons and is 1 inch wide at it's widest. I've been holding on to these serving spoons for a couple of years an have finally decided to offer them up . I have only a few bracelets in this rare Tablespoon size available

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