Spoon Ring Wrapped Narcissus

Spoon Ring Wrapped Narcissus


This is Narcissus The National Silver Co. Pattern From 1935. Did you know that Narcissus and Daffodils are the same flower? In the U.S, we call the daffodils and the rest of the world calls them Narcissus flowers. 

Narcissus has a deep textured floral pattern and has some intense intricate detail. You can even see the veins on the flower petals! I keep trying to smell them but all I get is the smell of silver. this rare version of the pattern also has the pattern on the inside. I made thie ring from an Iced tea spoon so it's slender and a perfect size fro a wrapped style ring. 

This Dank Artistry Narcissus silver spoon ring was handmade using tools from the jewelry trade to insure a proper fit and professional appearance. Even though it looks like I just have a lot of fun here, I take great care in forming my rings and bracelets into jewelry suitable for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

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