Sterling Silver Fish Spoon Ring - Custom sizing 5-10

Sterling Silver Fish Spoon Ring - Custom sizing 5-10


US ring size

FIsh are a strong symbol in many cultures, they make a star apperience in the bible and other holy books and the fish is a sacred dream symbol. It represents divinity and superiority.  This ring is made from a sterling souvenir spoon, it evokes the spirit of the fish.  Made to fit you in sizes 5-10. 

Dimensions>> Widest point (the part at the top of the hand) - 22 mm or 0.9 inches Narrowest point (the part next to your palm) - 7 mm or 0.25 inches

Weight>> 8.3 grams of sterling or 0.3 ounces

Pattern name>> Fish Souvenir spoon

Care info>> Keep this ring looking brand new by gently rubbing it with a soft cotton cloth or jewelry polishing cloth if the sparkle starts to fade. Please don't use jewelry dips or harsh cleaners, these can damage your ring. 

Sizing>> If you are unsure of your size, ask to have your finger sized at any big box stores jewelry counter. Ask to use the wide ring sizer to get an accurate size for these wider, substantial spoon rings. 

Returns>>> I accept returns up to 60 days after you order. If you would like to return something after that time, please contact me. 

Shipping> >> I will ship this ring the day after you order. I live in the Central region of the U.S. so the ring will arrive by First Class mail fast. On average it takes 2-6 business days for orders within the US and 14-30 days for international orders. 

About me: I have been bending spoons for over 12 years. I have a passion for silversmithing and a mighty musical instrument collection.