Sterling Spoon Ring - Southern Rose by Manchester sizes 6-10

Sterling Spoon Ring - Southern Rose by Manchester sizes 6-10


This solid sterling ring was a vintage spoon but now slips on your finger like it has always been there.  I love this wrapped spoon ring. The mass of different flowers runs along the entire length of the band. The silky smooth inside feels great on your finger.  It is a wide ring that will make a statement, perfect for someone who loves to stand out.  

This ring will be sized just for you, simply select the size you need before checking out.  Sizes 6-10 available. 


Dimensions>>  Widest point (the part of the ring that is on top of your hand) - 22 mm or 0.88 inches  Narrowest point (the part next to your palm) - 7.4 mm or 0.29 inches

Weight>> 13.4 grams of sterling or 0.48 ounces

Pattern name>> 'Southern Rose' made by Manchester silverware company in 1933. 

Care info>> Keep this ring looking brand new by gently buffing it with a clean cotton cloth or jewelry polishing cloth if the shine starts to fades. The sheen will come back quickly! Sterling spoon rings hold up to everyday wear and tear wonderfully.  Please don't use jewelry dips or harsh cleaners, these can damage your ring. 

Sizing>>  If you are unsure of your size, ask to have your finger sized at any big box stores jewelry counter.  Ask to use the wide ring sizer to get an accurate size for these wider, substantial spoon rings.  

Returns>>> I accept returns up to 60 days after you order.  If you would like to return something after that time, please contact me.  

Shipping> >>  I will ship this ring the day after you order.  I live smack in the middle the U.S. so the ring will arrive by First Class mail quickly.  Expect it to take 2-6 business days for orders in the US and 14-30 days for international orders.  

About me: I have been bending spoons for over 12 years.  I love my job and love talking to customers.